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Lighthouse Club International is a non-political organisation supporting the construction industry worldwide through the promotion of good fellowship among its members and the provision of charitable assistance to distressed persons within the industry.  100% of all donations received go to helping those most in need.

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HonORary PresIdent John Battersby

chairman robert gordon

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As an additional membership benefit for its individual and corporate members, Lighthouse Club International ("LHCI") has appointed Mr. Seng Ch’ng an Insurance Broker to administer the Lighthouse Club International Medical Benefits Program. This program, which is open to all individual and corporate members of all Lighthouse Clubs who are a member of Lighthouse Club International will, we hope, be of assistance and hopefully enable members to access competitive medical insurance quotations.  Seng introduces himself below and provides some further information about the programme:

'My name is Seng Ch’ng and I am a licensed insurance intermediary registered with the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong and a Senior Advisor of Belvest Investment Services Limited. I ’ve been designated to be the sole medical insurance adviser for the benefit of Lighthouse Club International “LHCI” members. My role is to strictly provide medical insurance advice where I will recommend the most suitable medical plan based on your needs. 

The benefits for LHCI members are that I have a wide range of providers to choose from for competitive quotations, plans specific for expats and access to group discounts.

A benefit for the LHCI supported charities is that an agreement is in place so that part of the medical premium paid will be donated to the James Battersby Lighthouse Educational Trust and Lighthouse Club International Benevolent Trust or other LHCI designated charities.

Some of the reasons why you may want to receive a medical insurance quote for you and your family, or your company are:

       To explore cost savings from another provider because premiums are always changing year to year. A review is recommended at least once every 2 years if not every year as premium increases can be very drastic.
       The current provider may not be suitable for yourself or your company anymore.
       You’re not happy with the service or benefits provided or want additional coverage that isn’t covered currently, such as maternity cover.
       You’re approaching retirement and you may lose cover when you leave your current employer.
       You’re employed on a contract basis where the medical insurance is only for the contract period and want to have your own medical cover.
       You need extra coverage as the current plan is very basic. For example, you only have out-patient coverage or have low limits on hospitalization.
       You simply don’t like your current medical provider due to their service quality.
If you would like a review of your current medical plan or looking for a new medical plan, then click on the link to fill in some details and I’ll contact you with some recommendations.

All information provided will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other person or company for marketing of other services. All premiums paid by an insured are paid directly to the medical insurer for the policy.  Again, my sole and only purpose is to provide medical insurance for the benefit of Lighthouse Club members.

You can also reach me on seng.chng@bis.hk or +852 9854 7765.

Seng CH’NG

Hong Kong Insurance Authority License Number IA2801